Serena Beauchamp

A Rising Star

Born and raised within a conservative Christian family and taught to revere God, the Church and her Christian elders, Serena had become a rising star within her denomination. Having produced, written and performed numerous musical productions for live performance and for a large international television ministry, she had achieved a certain level of prominence among many peers and was poised to become a kind of international celebrity within various Christian circles.

But then something truly miraculous happened—Serena discovered God.

TGJK books in boxNot the god she had been taught to love, fear and even sometimes secretly question, but the real God, the God of Creation, the same God that Jesus knew.

For the better part of 40 years, Serena had learned, believed and even taught the “good doctrine” her Church had told her was all true. She had no reason to even question her beliefs. After all, her pastors were the educated scholars. They knew God better than she … or did they?


Serena began in earnest to search for answers to some of the questions that her Church could not answer. When she pressed various Church elders and even other Christian scholars  for details, she was rebuffed and even told that she could “lose her salvation” for not simply automatically believing the “official positions” of the Church.

The non-answers and stonewalling only served to fuel Serena’s growing curiosity. “What is the Church hiding?” she wondered.

Reviled, But Not Alone

BK with bookSerena didn’t just leave her questions alone—she attacked them head on. If her Church wasn’t going to be honest and forthright with straight, logical answers, Serena would have to find them out herself. She began reading scores of books and tens of thousands of pages of scholastic history and Biblical research. In the process, she wrote several unpublished books documenting her findings. She also met a few brave people along the way who soaked up the information she shared, and thanked her for helping them rediscover a kinder, more loving God.

Beyond Christianity

Now after a decade of research, Serena Beauchamp is finally telling her story. This deeply faithful woman of God has rebuffed the Church’s mistakes and errors and has embarked on a journey of reformation to find the real heart of God and ultimately—The God That Jesus Knew.



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