See Who’s Reading … The God Yeshua¬†Knew

TGYK mantleThis is an outstanding work! Finally information from the Christian camp that is clearly based off scholarship and her direct orthodox experience. Breaking from the status quo, the author presents evidence that will shake the foundations of the orthodox Christian religionists regardless of denomination, maybe even the very conscious of humanity. This book takes the reader on a journey that will invite him/her to use his free will to examine and come to grips with ancient to modern day information and knowledge that has been well-hidden from their religious experience. Be ready to negotiate your lifelong inherited firewalls, this book will guarantee a paradigm shift unless you fight to keep your inherited lies. Their is an ongoing shift in consciousness worldwide for several years now, and its speed and breadth has been advancing unabated. It is authors like Serena, people who have finally given in to their original and true Eternal Creator, surpassed their fears and the restraints of fitting in to their generational religious paradigm and the social stigmas attached to leaving that nest of perceived security, in lieu of finding and screaming out the lies of it all from the highest hill tops! Based on the wisdom that – If you want to change the world, first change yourself!

~Dr. Shmuel Asher


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