The God Jesus Knew

Sunset bookHave you ever wondered …

Is my church really teaching me the true gospel of Jesus? How would you know?

Unless you’re a Bible scholar, it’s next to impossible to know if anyone is teaching you the whole truth, a half-truth (withholding information they don’t want you to know) or an outright lie (because that’s just what everyone else is preaching).

Finally, a book that cuts through the clutter of contradiction and gets to the point of who God really is and what God is really like.

A Truly Refreshing Understanding of God.

The TRUE Gospel is not the tale of a harsh Father who has condemned you on sight and considers you flawed from birth. It is not the fable of a bloodthirsty tyrant who can only forgive if he is appeased with the blood of an innocent man. It is not the cruel account of an unforgiving judge who can only stand to look at you if he sees someone else – Jesus – instead of you. It is not the legend of a brutal despot who plans to make you “burn in hell” forever if you do not “believe” the right doctrine or have enough “faith”.

Neither “complicated” nor a “mystery”, the true Gospel is the beautiful story of how the Creator of the Universe made you in the image of God and has nurtured and cared for you ever since. It is a narrative of a loving Parent who smiles when seeing your true colors; who laughs when you do something funny; who encourages you when you are feeling down; and who truly understands the pain of your darkest hour and will help you get through it. Your Creator longs to pick you up when you fall, smile at you when you reach up out of the depths of your heart, and comfort you when you are hurting.

Most importantly of all – your Creator is a God who longs to have you see Him for who He really is – merciful, compassionate, kind, and long-suffering. He wants you to see Him without the bloody glasses of paganism and realize that He forgives you without sacrifice! Nothing had to die in order to purchase His forgiveness, for His forgiveness is freely given. All you have to do is repent! That is the true definition of God’s amazing grace and His unfailing love for you!

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