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When I first started reading The God That Jesus Knew, it seemed to be mostly a repeat of ground I’d already covered. In fact, even in the sections where the author briefly related some of her personal thoughts and feelings as she was going through her journey, it sounded like an echo of my own life; and, I suspect it may well echo the lives of others who have been on this journey for any length of time.

[pullquote1 quotes=”true” align=”left”]However, as I continued reading, I quickly discovered that I was in for the treat of my life with this book.[/pullquote1]
However, as I continued reading, I quickly discovered that I was in for the treat of my life with this book. Part of the reason was because of the informative, non-nonsense way in which the material was presented. The other part was because I found validation on every page. There was never an “Oh, no, where is she going now?” thought as I read chapter after chapter. Just a nodding of my head and exclamations of “I knew it!” and “Yes! I’m not crazy!” But the nice thing was that she tied everything together so well.

I know without a doubt this book was a very special gift from my heavenly Father. I have never said that about any other book. For me, discovering the truth is only part of it—which is a huge thing in and of itself—but I also have to know that it is the truth I have discovered, and not just another dead-end rabbit trail. There are many voices who will do their best to take that truth away again once it has been discovered, so finding it is only half of the process. The other half is having the confidence of knowing that what has been found is truth. Here in front of me was an entire book that seemed to have been written just for me, to show me that no, I am not crazy, that the things I have discovered have also been discovered by others as well. So either my efforts have not been in vain as some would have me believe, or both Ms. Beauchamp and I are wrong on every count.

I’ve been on my journey for a very long time (measured in decades), but I know that some who are just starting out have not yet encountered some of the issues discussed in this book. For them, it will be an education, but it may also very well bring a certain amount of initial discomfort. We have all been taught for most of our religious lives to never question anything, and especially not our leaders and teachers. But to not do so is to put our own eternal welfare into the hands of others, most of whom we don’t even know. Is that wise? Here is the problem in a nutshell: Jer 8:8 “How do you say, ‘We are wise, and the Torah of AHYH is with us’? But look, the false pen of the scribe has worked falsehood.” What? Do you mean to say that some of the things found in the Bible are lies? Yes. That is exactly what that means, and it is up to each of us to find out what is true and what isn’t. Hint: Knowing the character of our Creator is truly the key to this dilemma. But to get started on good footing, I highly recommend this insightful and well-presented book by Serena Beauchamp.

Just remember what Yeshiyeh/Jesus said, “For My yoke is gentle and My burden is light.” I don’t think we will realize the full impact of that statement until the “other” burden has been lifted and we see just how heavy it actually was. My first time skiing was a blast, but I didn’t realize how heavy my ski boots had been until I took them off. It’s kind of like that.

~J. Stanford


God Yeshua Knew wordpressIt was this book that completely changed my relationship with God and myself. I was head-long on a destructive course of self-hatred, nihilism and hopelessness because I believed I was a “sinner” that didn’t deserve God’s love. I was only three-years old when I was introduced to the lie that I was a bad girl that needed the blood of a good man (Jesus) to cover me from…”sins” I had yet to commit. I will never forget crying my heart out as the innocent, playful little girl that I was suddenly became terrified of the God I instinctively knew (as good and loving) all because my mother wanted me “saved”. Reading this book was a miracle for me (a miracle being a change in my thinking/mindset). For the first time in many years I allowed myself to open my heart to the REAL Creator and also to myself – a woman that God loves without judgment or condition! I am loved just because I am His child! The only “sacrificing” God requires is for us to drop the belief that we are bad, evil, corrupt and deserving of hell. My love and gratitude to Serena for being a catalyst in my life for love, genuine spirituality and faith, and self-acceptance! You won’t regret reading this!

~Amazon reviewer “Truthful”


M&M coverMonsters in your Head / Mommy I See Black Things is an amazing and inspirational book(s). Serena Beauchamp ventures into territory that most fear to tread. Portraying a fascinating and beautiful relationship between an extremely compassionate nurse and her patient who has gone through horrendous abuse within the occult. While very tactful in describing the experiences, you still get a clear picture of what happened as it follows nearly two decades of this victim/survivors life, and what a difference one person can truly make in

the life of another. If you are aware that we are in a constant spiritual battle in this life between the powers of darkness, and the powers of light. It gives wonderful and practical advice for spiritual warfare that shows we have power with the choices we make to fight this battle successfully, and without fear.

Lastly, if you are a parent, or someone who works with children who seem to be misbehaving or acting out on a regular basis, but are not sure why. It goes into real possibilities as to what the actual problem may be, and how to handle it without damaging that child and its sense of trust. This is one of the most intriguing books I have ever read to, the point I stayed up until almost dawn in order to finish it!

~Amazon reviewer Merrily


Based on a true story (or stories intertwining), it was both heart-breaking and uplifting all in one book. Multiple personality disorder (MPD) has never been so eloquently explained. I found that I was horrified at the realities of this world we live in and yet encouraged by the brave dedication of others. You can see how God uses those who are ready and willing to do His purpose and to take care of those in their charge. Serena (psychiatric nurse, one of the main characters in the book) is one of those people. Be prepared to cry and smile during this story that spans over 20 years of a one-of-a-kind friendship.

I should also mention that it is not always easy to read what comes next. Since it’s based on a true story, centered around a girl who was born into satanism, the realities of the occult are pure evil. What is encouraging, is Shaynie’s will to resist this even though she was raised in it. The author also does a phenomenal job of helping the reader see these realities without glorifying the evil by paying it too much undue attention to the gore and horror.

It also tells the story of another child who had her own struggles with demonic attachments. Her original pain & fear and eventual brave resistance to these atrocities, resulting in true joy, should be an encouragement to parents with children who might struggle with something similar.

I don’t want to give away the whole book as I could probably write about this for a while!! But once you read it, you will forever see the world differently.

~Amazon reviewer Emily


These books delve into a realm few of us ever encounter. Once begun it is hard to put either book down! As one reads, one hopes and wishes they are a work of fiction, but they are frighteningly real. The love and compassion that Serena shows toward her patient is heartwarming and courageous. It isn’t easy to go against the policy of an institution and remain in contact with a patient. But in doing so Serena forms a lifetime friendship with Shaynie and undoubtedly saves her life. It is hard to comprehend how difficult it must be to work with someone with MPD, but Serena has a kind and compassionate heart and the courage to do this kind of work. Little does she realize at the time that this work will train her to deal with the demons troubling her own daughter. What a challenge for Serena! These are heartwarming stories of selfless compassion and love for another human being. To persevere in spite of the difficulty is uplifting and Serena does so at times to her own peril and peace of mind. One learns a great deal about the disorder of MPD and demons as the stories unfold. I highly recommend these books.

~Amazon reviewer Brenda


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