It Is Finished!

The new book that is. It will be available sometime next month. Some of you already know about it.

Three years in the writing; over a decade in its research; a lifetime in the making.

It will POSITIVELY change the way you think and feel about life, faith, love and, most importantly, GOD. You will both love it and hate it; but mostly it will open your eyes and TRUTHFULLY answer the questions that most of us were simply too afraid to ask.

I just finished the editing. All I can say is WOW. It may just ignite the next Reformation …

With 350 pages and over 300 footnotes its an immersive, compelling and easy-to-read both lay and scholastic work that draws you into the narrative. It was very important to us that the scholastic stuff didn’t dry up the narrative. I think we succeeded.

We commissioned an artist to create an original painting of Jesus–doing what Jesus should be best known most for doing–for the front cover. It’s beautiful! Like it was painted by the late Thomas Kinkade!

Anyway, so much for the sneek-peek! More later as the website, book cover, etc., come together. Stay tuned!






2 responses to “It Is Finished!”

  1. Vincent Avatar

    Hey Serena this is Vincent. I am eager and anxious for your book to get out. You said it was going to be ready sometime in June this year, but I’ve been looking on Amazon and it’s not on there yet. What is taking so long for this book to be released? I am a seeker of the Truth and like to find out secrets about Chrisitianity. So I want to know what is taking so long for this book to be released? Please hurry and make it be released sometime this month if you can please.

    1. serena Avatar

      So sorry Vincent! The book is available at Amazon, along with a few others. Here is my author page on Amazon. 🙂

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